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Several victims were pushed to the ground and sexually assaulted or molested by Taupin, who on occasions rode a small motorbike around the females and wore a full-face helmet to hide his identity.In August 2011, armed with a pair of broken scissors which he held to one victims throat, Taupin subjected a young woman to a protracted and violent rape in which the female feared for her safety and felt compelled to comply with his demands, the court was told."General deterrence is of considerable importance in a case such as this."By my sentence of you, I must seek to deter other men who think that they can prey upon women for their sexual gratification as if they had a right to do so." Judge Sexton said Taupins explanation to police after his arrest that he was lonely was pathetic.

With a hood covering Taupin's face, he put a pair of scissors at her throat and said, "Don't say a word" as they began to wrestle and fell to the ground."He wanted to change back to the original family name and wanted to move on," he said.The court heard Tally was subject to a suspended sentence at the time of the offence."He said he was looking at moving to New South Wales to start a new job and he wanted to start under a new name."The offence itself is quite a significant breach." Lawyer Warren Highland said his client was not aware he had to ask the Commissioner's permission to change his name and only found out when the registry told him.

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